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Juice WRLD’s Mom Slams Fans For Leaking Music: “It’s A Bit Disrespectful To Him”

By December 28, 2021No Comments

Juice WRLD’s mother, Carmella Wallace, says she wants fans to stop leaking her late son’s music and that she finds it “a bit disrespectful to him.” Wallace discussed her annoyance with song leaks during a recent interview with XXL.

“I understand they loved him. They loved his music, but there’s a proper way to do it,” Juice’s mother told the outlet. “Let us give you our best. Leaked music is not necessarily cleaned up music, it’s just leaked, it’s not finished. So, it’s just a lot of work just going into it. It’s a bit disrespectful to him, honestly, to leak his music like that. But I know that monster is there, been there and it’s not going anywhere. We can just do our part an put out good music. He made a lot of good music.”

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According to TMZ, Juice had over 2,000 unreleased songs in his catalog prior to passing away. Juice died from a drug overdose in December 2019 after swallowing several pills to avoid law enforcement while traveling from Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles to Midway International Airport in Chicago.

Earlier this year, his estate released his fourth studio album, Fighting Demons.


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