The first two listening events for the long-awaited new studio album from Kanye West, titled DONDA, took place in Atlanta, Georgia at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. It was reported that the music legend was living inside of the stadium as he finished up the album but, last week, one of his collaborators KayCyy hinted that they may be moving to a new stadium. He backtracked and said that he was hacked before deleting the tweet, but it looks like he might have actually been telling the truth.

According to new reports, which are unconfirmed for right now, Kanye West will be packing his bags and moving back to his hometown of Chicago, Illinois for the next DONDA listening event, which is being teased at Soldier Field.

The football and soccer stadium is located near the South Side of Chicago, which is where Kanye grew up. Some fans have noted that his concert rollout plan may have been more calculated than we all imagined, beginning in Atlanta, where Donda West gave birth to Kanye, and ending in Chicago, where she raised him. 

Andrew Barber, the founder of Fake Shore Drive, teased Kanye’s next event in Chicago with a tweet, and so did an alleged employee at Soldier Field, where the performance is presently being teased as a “Major Concert Event.” 

It has not been confirmed that the next DONDA listening session is happening in Chicago, but it would definitely make sense. We’ll keep you posted as more information comes out.

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