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Kanye West’s Thanksgiving Prayer Reflects On The Rapper’s Troubled Marriage & Presidential Run

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As Kim Kardashian continues to flaunt her relationship with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, Kanye West continues to make it known that he’s holding out hope that the socialite will want to work on their issues and get back together with him.

In honour of today’s holiday, the 44-year-old took to Instagram to share a special prayer, reflecting on where he went wrong in the past, and how he’s grown since then.

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“Hello, my name is Ye and this is my super super super super super long Thanksgiving prayer,” he begins. “On this Thanksgiving, I’m so thankful for family, my blood family, my fans, and our haters – we love you too, on Thanksgiving and Christmas morning, not the night before or the day, just the morning.”

West then revealed that he wrote this prayer on his way back from taking his “mini me,” Saint West, to his first football game. “Saint got to play catch with Tom Brady before the game,” he told listeners. “This is a God’s dream. My mini me is a mix of two of my favourite things, me and my wife’s face.”

The father of four then addresses a topic that he’s been speaking heavily on as of late – reconciling with his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian. “All I think about every day is how I get my family back together and how I heal the pain that I’ve caused. I take accountability for my actions.”

As he continues, Ye begins listing off some things he’s struggled with over the years, including drinking and his manic episodes, which have become more frequent as he’s failed to take his medication consistently. Ego and temper come next on the “Ultralight Beam” rapper’s list. “Now I know none of y’all would ever picture this,” he joked, “but sometimes, I scream, and that screaming might’ve helped me tell off everyone who doubted me in music, but that screaming did not help me keep my family together.”

The Thanksgiving prayer then addresses his “self righteous Christian” behaviour over the years. “Mix that with being rich, famous, and very very very very very very attractive, and you’ve got a Molotov cocktail ready to be thrown through the window of anyone who ever disagreed with me. I was arrogant with my Jesus,” he admits.

“Good Lord, my wife did not like me wearing the red hat,” Ye continues, moving onto the subject of politics. “Being a good wife, she just wanted to protect me and our family. I made me and our family a target by not aligning with Hollywood’s political stance, and that was hard for our marriage.”

The “Flashing Lights” rapper reveals that Kardashian was “embarrassed” by his poorly planned presidential run, particularly the part when he announced that he and his wife had almost aborted their first child together, North West. “All my dad had to say afterwards was, ‘write your speech next time, son,” Ye said.

The Yeezy creator also acknowledged his habit of profusely spending money, and the bad situations it got him in. “I’ve let people use me, I’ve had giant entourages, people around me just to make me feel good about myself. I’ve had to learn that I had to take accountability. We always judge and tell other people what they should do, but we can only take accountability for ourselves and our children.”

He finished, “this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the family my wife has given me. I’m thankful for the life that God has given me, and I’m thankful for your time, attention, and patience. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Listen to Kanye West’s heartfelt, five-minute long Thanksgiving prayer below.

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