Young Thug and Karlae are one of hip-hop’s most unproblematic couples. They’ve been dating for seven years, building an inseparable bond that only grows tighter as Karlae continues to evolve as an artist. This year, she was a standout inclusion on the #1 album Slime Language 2, coming through with the catchy songs “I Like” and “Trance.”

To celebrate the chart-topping album, and as a precursor to Young Thug’s next solo studio album Punk, we spoke with Karlae about her relationship with the rapper, asking her about their brief split at the end of last year, and about whether she sees herself walking down the aisle soon.

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I met him a long time ago,” said Karlae about Young Thug, whom she was engaged to for years. “We were friends for a really long time and then we started dating. We got engaged and I was on the road with him for a long time. I picked up a lot of my musical sense from him. We’ve been together for 7 years and I’ve known him for 7 years. We linked up in Miami and have been attached at the hip ever since.”

Addressing her confusing tweets from December 2020, in which she accused the rapper of abuse, called him the “devil,” and said she was single, Karlae explains that they’ve gotten back on good terms.

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“We have an undeniable bond,” she said. “We love each other to death, in a weird way. Right now, we’re in the process of just proving that we’re not going to be Mr. and Mrs. Smith and try to tear each other’s heads off. We’re just vibing and enjoying life, but that’s my baby and vice versa.”

Their relationship may be rocky at times, but that doesn’t mean marriage is out of the question in the future. Karlae explained that they’ve got some humps to get over, but that she hasn’t ruled it out.

I just want us to be on the same page and focus on having so much fun,” she said. “When we first met, I was really hard on him. But now, I just want us both to enjoy these experiences, be grateful, and enjoy our lives. With my journey in music and him being a CEO, I can’t see us getting married right now. I feel like now we need to focus on being artists and living our lives because we were together since we were like babies. We never got to take a breather and not think about marriage and other scary stuff.”

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