As Brockhampton’s reign nears its close, Kevin Abstract has returned with new music. Fans of the Hip Hop collective have stood united in their grief after learning that the group has decided to disband. There have been several announcements regarding what is to come for Brockhampton in 2021, and it includes their final projects as a send-off before entering into new ventures.

On Wednesday (August 18), Brockhampton’s Abstract delivered his latest single “SIERRA NIGHTS,” making the song his second release this year where he is seen flying solo. The track features Ryan Beatty, an artist who is no stranger to uniting with Abstract’s group. The single arrives with a visual that sticks to the many unconventional, yet artistic deliveries that we’ve grown accustomed to receiving from Abstract, so stream “SIERRA NIGHTS” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

A Texas boy, I was dreaming of LA
We was dripping off candy paint
Blow the speakers out, yeah, yeah, yeah
Shoot my own movie with my n*ggas now
Five bedroom, most of us was sleeping on the couch
Bring them drugs in, I was dressed up like McLovin
Eating Mickey D’s every day, n*gga, I loved it


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