Kevin Durant is one of the best players in the entire NBA, and last night, he certainly showed it as he and the Brooklyn Nets were able to make quick work of the Miami Heat, who are first place in the Eastern Conference standings. Durant has been simply fantastic this season, and with the Nets getting healthy in time for the postseason, there is this real sense that the team can now go out and take home the NBA championship.

After last night’s game, KD made his way to the podium for the post-game press conference, where he was met by Knicks reporter Stefan Bondy. Durant was surprised to see Bondy there and asked him why he would be at a Nets game. That’s when Bondy explained that the Knicks were pretty well irrelevant, which eventually led to a hilarious exchange.

Eric Espada/Getty Images

Via SNY:

Durant: “Stefan, you following the Nets now?”

Bondy: “Yes, sir. Knicks are now irrelevant.”

Durant: “Oh, all right. They are!? That’s the biggest team in the — I thought the Nets were irrelevant.”

At this point, Knicks fans can only experience pain. Sure, the team was decent last season, but now, the Eastern Conference has caught up, and in a big way.

As for the Nets, they are the true draw in New York right now, whether MSG likes it or not.

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