After becoming a meme, Meek Mill has made light of his viral moment with a humorous take on protected and unprotected sex. The phenomenon of rappers diving has existed for years, and we’ve received an entry from Meek. A video showing the Philadelphia rapper taking an unfortunate dive attempt has gone viral, but Meek has been able to laugh at himself and is back with an update.

In one video, his terrible dive is supposed to represent having sex without protection, while his second, and better, attempt represents using a prophylactic. Fans are getting a good chuckle from the rapper’s latest post, but that wasn’t the only reason fans have been poking fun at Meek.

The rapper also uploaded a few photos of himself handling business as he rocked a pair of bright, neon green pants. Being the comedian that he is, Kevin Hart couldn’t pass up the opportunity to jump in the comment section with a joke.

“My n*gga is wearing a [tennis emoji][crying laughing emojis],” wrote the actor, insinuating that the rapper’s pants looked like tennis balls. The comparison wasn’t far-fetched and social media users jumped in Meek’s comments with a few jokes of their own. This isn’t the first time Meek and Kevin have gone back and forth so it was all in good fun. Check out the photos below.

Kevin Hart, Meek Mill

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