It appears Kid Cudi is looking for someone to roll his weed for him, and if you happen to live out in the Los Angeles area, you may want to apply. Cudi took to his twitter on Sunday to ask his followers to send in resumes for being his personal blunt roller. He even added that he wants “serious inquires only.”

“I need a professional blunt roller in LA.  Hit @Shift_leader06 w resume.  Serious inquires only!!,” he tweeted.

Kid Cudi must be smoking so much weed that rolling up is taking too much time out of his days. If hired, could you just imagine all the hums and unreleased music you might hear? That alone would make me want apply.

This announcement comes just a couple weeks after finding out the news of Cudi writing a movie. It’s unclear what the film will be about or when it’s coming out, but Cudi did say his brain was cookin’. “Writin a movie,” Kid Cudi tweeted. “My 3rd night this week late night writing session. My brains cookin. Mid 2nd Act.”

While we wait for that, look for his new collab with Kanye West to appear on the forthcoming Donda album, whenever that’ll be dropping.

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