Three years after her arrest shocked pop culture, Kiyomi Leslie is speaking about lessons learned. In February 2019, Leslie and ex-boyfriend Bow Wow were both arrested following a physical altercation. She accused him of being violent and they both hurled accusations toward the other, but they have since moved on and have let the past be the past.

However, Leslie revisited that memory while appearing on Angela Yee’s Lip Service where she claimed that all of her exes still want her. Yee asked if Bow Wow was included in that list and Leslie answered, “Yeah. If we ain’t go to jail, we still would’ve been here, I’m sure.” Yee joked about the charges following the incident, but Leslie corrected her, saying that all the charges were dropped. 

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Then, Leslie was asked if she “learned a lot” from the situation.

“Yeah, when you’re in a domestic violence situation, as a woman, don’t call the police,” Leslie answered. Everyone in the room seemed shocked by the statement, but the model added, “That’s what I learned. I mean I don’t want to promote that to women, but I just—that’s what it was for me, because I went to jail and I called them for help.”

She referenced an earlier joke she made about being “trouble,” but this time added, “You’re only trouble when a man doesn’t want to let you leave.” Leslie also admitted to feeling as if the public attacked her after news of the altercation surfaced. “I feel like people just saw what they wanted to see and they’re like, ‘Oh, she’s a gold digger’ because whatever. I come from money. I don’t need anybody else’s, but it’s good to have.”

“I feel like they judged me, but it was cool for me because I’m strong,” she continued. “I feel like anybody else in my shoes would have crumbled.” Watch the clip of Kiyomi Leslie as well as her full appearance on Lip Service below.

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