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Kobe Bryant’s Daughters Adorably Play Basketball With Pau Gasol

By November 22, 2021No Comments

Ever since Kobe Bryant’s passing, Pau Gasol has been spending more time with his former teammate’s family as a way to comfort them during these difficult times. Gasol was always great friends with the Bryant family, however, his presence is more important than ever before, as he is someone who can spend time with Kobe’s daughters and show them a thing or two about the game of basketball.

This weekend, that is exactly what happened as Vanessa Bryant took her two youngest daughters Bianka and Capri to the Lakers practice facility, where they got to dribble the ball around and have a ton of fun with one another.

As you can see in the two clips posted below, Bianka and Capri are having a blast as they try to dribble around Gasol. The former Laker has a big smile on his face throughout the whole thing, and it’s clear that being able to spend this time with the Bryant family meant a lot to him. He even got to show the girls how to shoot free throws, which made for a pretty adorable scene.

Gigi was known for being a great basketball player at her age, and perhaps moving forward, Bianka and Capri can further that legacy a bit. With Gasol as a mentor, they are certainly going to be learning from one of the best.

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