Yesterday, superstar boxer Gervonta Davis got caught up in what could have been a horrifying plane accident. While trying to take off, his private plane blew an engine which forced the pilot to land prematurely. No one was severely harmed in the incident although some passengers did sustain minor bumps and bruises. For instance, Davis said he had some back and butt pain following the crash.

While Davis was mostly surrounded by his team, he was also accompanied by none other than Kodak Black. While taking to Twitter today, Kodak revealed that he was on the plane that crash-landed, and as it turns out, he’s not feeling so good right now.

Kodak Black

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for TIDAL

The Florida artist is suffering from some scrapes and some muscle pain which makes sense when you consider the impact of such an accident. “I Was On Dat Jet Wit @Gervontaa & I’m Not Ok,” Kodak wrote. “Shittt Me , My Neck My Back all data.”

Thankfully, everyone on the plane was okay, and while these injuries will cause some brief discomfort, they should go away on their own within a few days to a week.

Davis filmed the aftermath of the crash, and you can check out those images, down below. 

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