It’s been a long time coming but finally, Koffee’s debut album Gifted has arrived. The 10-song project celebrates her Jamaican roots, opening up with a sample of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” on “x10.” The rich reggae production meets powerful lyrics that speak to poverty and injustice while providing hopeful messages for people across the world. 

“My debut album Gifted is out now,” Koffee wrote on Instagram. “I think it’s important to inject a positive energy into the world, and that’s what i’ve channeled into this album.”

Gifted holds no features while Koffee holds down a large portion of the production. However, producers like Jae5 and Frank Dukes offer assistance across the tracklist.

Koffee’s Gifted arrives three years after the release of the Rapture EP which includes her breakout single, “Toast.”

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