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LeBron James Gets Two Heckling Pacers Fans Kicked Out Of Game

By November 25, 2021No Comments

He just returned to the court following his one-game suspension and LeBron James is not having any foolishness. Days ago, the talk of the sports world was LeBron and Detroit Pistons baller Isaiah Stewart getting into a heated exchange on the court. Bron gave Stewart an elbow to the eye, causing him to bleed profusely. In turn, Stewart charged James repeatedly, often defying security and those attempting to keep him at bay.

In tonight’s (November 24) game, the Los Angeles Lakers faced off with the Indiana Pacers in a tense game that went into overtime. The Lakers would end up taking the win, but not before Bron had two courtside fans ejected from the game.

Harry How / Staff / Getty Images

It is unclear what set off LeBron to ask officials to toss the man and woman in the front row, but they were quickly escorted out. It all went down immediately after LeBron hit a three-pointer that put the Lakers just above the Pacers. The woman made things worse by making a cry baby face on her way out. This isn’t the first time that James has had a moment with an opposing team’s fans trying to get under his skin.

This isn’t the first time someone got kicked out after messing with LeBron. Back in February, a woman was booted from a game for heckling the sports star.


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