Heading into this season, the Los Angeles Lakers made a lot of changes to their roster. Players like Kyle Kuzma are now gone and guys like Russell Westbrook are in. By all accounts, this Lakers team is better than last season’s team and one could make the argument that they are better than the team that won the title back in 2020. Regardless, they have some tough challenges ahead, and they will need LeBron James to help guide them through it all.

Recently, LeBron James got to speak to reporters about his Lakers, and according to ESPN, James had a lot to say about the team’s new vibe. As he explains, the energy is probably the biggest difference between this year and last year’s roster.

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“Just the energy,” LeBron said. “Last year after coming off the bubble it literally took everything away from you. Any little bit of energy that you had, it was completely gone when we left there. … To come back into the season with the quick start that we had, kind of the life of the party was a little bit, just like, it was just kind of stale. You know, rightfully so. Guys just didn’t have an opportunity to get a mental break. You could definitely feel the energy shift a lot more in this season the first two practices compared to last.”

Analysts are expecting this Lakers team to go very far and potentially even set themselves up for an NBA Finals matchup against the Nets. Anything can happen between now and then although if these Lakers are truly for real, then we could be in for a phenomenal season of basketball.

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