LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have had a rough start to the season. After losing to the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday, the Lakers ended up losing to the Phoenix Suns on Friday night. It was a game that was filled with mistakes, and it just so happened to contain a small fight between Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis. Needless to say, the Lakers are in a bit of a state of disarray, and fans are ready to hit the panic button.

James is looking to win it all this year and there is no doubt that he still has a ton of compete left in him. For instance, he was his old fiery self last night as he began to exchange words with young Suns star Cam Payne.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Payne has been engaging in trash talk all night long, and James was a bit sick of it. In the clip below, LeBron could be heard yelling at Payne from the bench as he told the Suns player to “stay humble.” LeBron also noted that Payne wasn’t talking like that just a year ago and that the success is starting to get to his head. It’s your typical NBA trash talk, although it’s still fun to see it up close like that.

In the end, Payne had the last laugh as the Suns and Lakers rivalry continues forward. Hopefully for LeBron and the Lakers, they are able to flip the script in their next matchup.

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