LeBron James is one of the biggest athletes in the entire world, and this past summer, he attempted his hand at acting with a leading role in Space Jam: A New Legacy. While the film was impressive from a technological standpoint, it was pretty abysmal when it came to everything else. LeBron’s acting was not very good, and at many points in the film, it looked like the script had been written to massage James’ ego, especially with all of the “King” stuff.

Well, LeBron’s performances were so bad that he found himself nominated for numerous Razzies over the weekend. For those who don’t know, the Razzies are an awards show that airs the day before the Oscars, and it is meant to pay homage to the worst that film has to offer.

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According to Sports Illustrated, LeBron won the Razzie for worst actor, as well as worst screen couple, which was meant to be a shot at his chemistry with all of the various Looney Tunes characters. It is very rare for a Razzie winner to accept their award, so you can imagine that LeBron was not in attendance for this ceremony.

This is definitely not the type of award you want to win, especially when you’re used to receiving the utmost praise in your own profession. Let us know if this was too harsh, in the comments below.

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