It might be a busy release night because Lil Baby has just announced that he has new music on the way.

The Hero has been teasing new music this week, following the release of his collaborative album with Lil Durk. The two rappers are heading on tour in a few weeks, but it looks like Lil Baby wants to release some more new music before they get started next month. Taking to Twitter on Thursday morning, the Atlanta native got his fans ready for another new music drop, saying the magic words.

“New music soon,” he wrote, adding a fire emoji for good measure. 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

For many artists, “soon” is a pretty mysterious term. It could mean that Baby is dropping tonight, and it could also mean that he’s never releasing music again. Fans are betting on the former though, looking forward to whatever he has coming our way.

Recently, Lil Baby attended Young Thug’s thirtieth birthday party, icing out the rapper with a myriad of new jewelry selections from Icebox. He also appeared in the music video for EST Gee’s “5500 Degrees” and spoke about why he tends to avoid speaking on controversial topics, explaining, “I don’t really catch what’s going on or what people are saying. I don’t really wanna just speak on situations, especially when I don’t know the whole backstory [because] something I say might get misinterpreted. So, I’m quiet as far as me posting.”

Who’s ready for new music from Lil Baby?

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