All he wanted to do was pay tribute to a fallen friend, but Lil Tjay can’t catch a break. The New York rapper released “Forever in My Heart” days ago and is a track that is said to be about his friend Smelly who was reportedly stabbed to death in 2016 during the sale of a motorcycle. The track samples Giveon’s “Heartbreak Anniversary,” and as quickly as “Forever in My Heart” went up, it was taken down.

It is clear that the song is important to Tjay and he claims that he has done everything to get it back up, but Giveon’s label isn’t having it. “I made that sh*t probably like, two, three days before I dropped it,” he said.

Tjay decided just to put the song on YouTube and claimed that he wasn’t trying to “sell a song or put it on platforms,” adding that it was “just for the art.” The rapper said he is contemplating reaching out to Giveon directly to ask for permission, but if that doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter because the track was for his late friend.

In another clip, Lil Tjay admitted to spending the better part of his day attempting to have his song reinstated online. According to Tjay, he offered to give up the profits to the track, but the label still turned him down. “It’s not in my control. It’s over,” he said sadly. Swipe below to watch Lil Tjay discuss his conundrum.


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