It seems like SoundCloud isn’t quite as popular as it used to be — it feels like only yesterday that a new generation of artists was emerging onto the scene and ruffling feathers with their burgeoning hip-hop subgenre. Now, “SoundCloud Rap” has largely come and gone, though it’s likely that there are many artists who have developed somewhat of a nostalgic fondness for the raw and unfettered sound of yore. 

Today, Lil Yachty — himself a key figure in the SC rap mythos — took things back to basics to deliver a quick loosie. Enter “GHINI,” an extremely distorted banger that finds Yachty firing off a few braggadocious lines. At under a minute and thirty seconds in runtime, the track is essentially lacking a structure — instead, it’s the energy and vibe that carries “GHINI,” though how far is likely dependent on one’s appreciation for Yachty’s style and history.

Where do you stand?

Quotable Lyrics

I know killers who don’t get on Triller like a real thriller
Don’t go gambling with your life then get mad at the card dealer

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