Logic is set to release his highly anticipated memoir, This Bright Future, in September through publisher Simon & Schuster. The book will see Logic touching on his struggles with mental health and traumatic upbringing, his retirement, and his family.

This Bright Future sees Logic arguably at his most candid yet. He discusses his upbringing in particular and living with a troubled mother in the book.

“My mom had always been terrified of the world, and now I was, too,” he says in an excerpt provided ahead of the book’s release. “Together the two of us never left the house. Most days I just stayed in my room.”

Logic, This Bright Future
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Despite having since returned with a new project, Bobby Tarantino III, Logic famously shocked fans in the summer of 2020 by announcing his retirement. In his new memoir, the rapper also opens about making that decision.

“In the end, my decision to retire wasn’t just about what I had decided to leave behind,” he writes. “It wasn’t about what I was retiring from. It was about what I was retiring to. Part of what had kept me stuck in such a dark place for so long was not believing I had any other place where I could go. Now I did. By the fall of 2019 the Confessions tour was winding down and all I could think about was getting home to Brittney and Little Bobby growing in her tummy and settling in to get our home ready for the day he arrived. I was blowing out as many arenas as I could so I could take the next year off and just be with my family, but before I could head home I had to make one stop. I wanted to meet my little brother.”

Later, and for the first time publically, he discusses his attempts to adopt his younger half-brother.

This Bright Future will be available on September 7. The memoir is available for preorder here.

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