On his new track, “SOUND OF MONEY,” Lou Phelps teams up with Madlib, (who he referred to as “the God” in a recent Instagram post) to create a California-cool track that’s perfect to add to your rotation if you’re already feeling that summer nostalgia creep in.

“I love the sound of money/I love the sound of change/If you ain’t talking money/Get the fuck out the way,” the Montreal rapper begins, creating a vibe that he described as “light and fun” to Complex.

“Usually MCs that rap over these sample-based beats tend to have serious or conscious bars, which is fine, but that specific instrumental sounded light and fun to me, so I did my best to match that energy.”

Back in May, Phelps released “Supersexe Freestyle,” which has been described as “raunchy” by some. As Complex points out, “SOUND OF MONEY” shows a different side of Phelps, proving to listeners that he’s definitely got range.

On top of the fire singles, the 27-year-old also has two albums under his belt – 2018’s 002 / LOVE ME and 2020’s EXTRA EXTRA!.

Along with the new track, Phelps also fed his fans a new music video, which you can watch above.

Quotable Lyrics:

Fuck a list, I’ll probably buy your baby mama kids Nintendo Switch
Got em confused, calling me daddy
Tell your shorty Imma pull up, give me the addy


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