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Marlon Wayans Pays Respect To Kevin Samuels: “Thank U For Those You Healed”

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The death of Kevin Samuels has created a great divide on social media, but regardless of his controversial takes, the self-proclaimed “image consultant” had a slew of followers who loved his content. Samuels made several statements that would often go viral about relationships, “high-value men,” and what women needed to do to increase their chances of finding love.

Since it was confirmed that Samuels has indeed passed away in his apartment with a woman, only identified as a nurse, that he met at a nightclub the evening prior, there has been an ongoing debate about his legacy.

Several celebrities have come forward to share their condolences, including Marlon Wayans who questioned why people who disliked Samuels would “tune in” to watch his content.

“Love him or hate him… he spoke his truth,” said Wayans. “We can view truth as hate but sometimes his bold medicine didn’t taste so sweet. And if you hated why tune in? Why call in? Because healing comes in many forms… his was some nasty ass tasting medicine. There’s no right and wrong in this love sh*t, there’s just discovery. Thank u for those you healed and we forgive you if there were any damages because we know your intention was to heal… and honestly, F*CK, YOU WAS HILARIOUS!”

“In this moment i pray for you and your family and all those you’ve healed that can’t call in to your show. I hope you can heal more and reach more in heaven. Rest well. Appreciate you trying to hold on and express masculinity.” Check out Wayans’s post and a few reactions below.


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