As fans continue to await news about his case, Max B continues to release new music from behind bars. The incarcerated rapper has returned on Friday (August 27) with two new singles, and we’ve highlighted “Revolution” first. Max B supporters received the announcement of the tracks courtesy of a virtual jailhouse call from the rapper as he delivered the surprise news.

“My two new wavy singles, ‘Revolution’ and ’75 in the Can,’ y’all already know we still got them bars,” the rapper said. “Still making wavy records, still lookin’ good, still grinding’ still doin’ what it do baby, f*ck wit’ ya boy. Stay up. Y’all n*ggas enjoy.”

He announced that “Negro Spiritual is comin’ soon,” so fans are expecting to hear more about that project in months to come. “Tune in,” Max B finalized his message.

Stream “Revolution” and let us know what you think of Max B’s latest effort.

Quotable Lyrics

I came to provide the people
Better tracks
The narratives I engage
20 years in the cage
20 years as a slave
Ni, ni, n*gga please
Hang me from bigger trees
Play me my trigger squeeze
Ecstasy liquor chase
Pay him or get the ease
Watching him plead his case
Spray em or get the cheese

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