As you likely already know, the price of living in New York City is insurmountably high. The cost of a studio apartment can often run you into the thousands, and if you want to rent a 1-bedroom flat, you’d better be prepared to shell out over $2,000. As a world-famous rapper, Meek Mill can afford the best of the best, even in New York City, and he recently showed off his gorgeous apartment for Modloft, giving them a glimpse of his superstar lifestyle.

Allowing the modern furniture company into his apartment to take photos of his place, Meek showed off his stunning view, designer furniture in his living room, and Hermes accessories to add some charm. His wood-paneled balcony overlooks the city with outstanding views, and his bedroom looks extremely comfortable.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Although his apartment isn’t the biggest in the world, it looks cozy and comfortable, and that’s really all you need. Of course, he’s got other spots around the world, and lots of money for short-term rentals, if he wants to spice up his life when he leaves the city.

Recently, the Philadelphia-born rapper has been involved in a feud with hip-hop manager Wack 100, going back-and-forth with The Game and Blueface’s right-hand-man on social media. Read more about that here.

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