Miley Cyrus broke down into tears while reflecting on the death of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins during her performance at Lollapalooza in Brazil on Saturday. Hawkins was found dead at the Casa Medina hotel in Bogotá, Colombia, on Friday. Emergency services had been called after he began experiencing chest pain.

Cyrus had announced prior to the show that her performance would be in honor of Hawkins.

Paras Griffin / Getty Images

“Tonights show is in honor of my friend Taylor Hawkins,” she wrote on Twitter. “The most bad ass dude I know who would want me to shine and sing LOUD for the love of rock n roll! I’ve got this with a little help from my friend TH above & all of you. Let’s do it.”

Cyrus revealed during her performance that Hawkins was the first person she called, earlier that week, when her plane had to make an emergency landing.

“He was already at the festival and that would have been a time that I would have gotten to see my friend and I didn’t,” Cyrus said as she fought back tears. “I would have done anything to hang out with him one more time. I know that any time that I get onstage and any time that I get to play with my band — which if anything ever f*cking happened to any one of them it would fucking kill me. So I couldn’t imagine how the Foo Fighters felt today.”

Check out Cyrus’ speech below.


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