Brooklyn rapper 2 Milly, born Terrance Ferguson, is speaking out about the unhealthy conditions he’s been exposed to while housed on Rikers Island, NYC’s main jail complex. Rikers Island has a notorious reputation for its unhealthy practices towards its adolescent population. The large jail has been in the news repeatedly for its mishandling of COVID-19, staff shortage, and the increase in violence amongst inmates. The jail is set to officially close by 2027, a move that will costs the city $8 Billion dollars. 

Operating under the worse possible conditions, complaints about the jail have surfaced online regarding the unethical treatment of both its employees and inmates. Speaking with the NY Daily News, Ferguson appears to be using his celebrity status to bring awareness to the notorious conditions of the correctional facility. He was indicted on two felony gun possession charges in 2019. The rapper was convicted in May 2021 before turning himself in last month. 

It’s not exactly clear who the “they” are because the rapper also shared as a result of the undesirable conditions, he and other inmates feel bad for the correction officers who suffer extreme heat due to broken air conditioners and lengthy tiring work shifts that often lasts 24-hours. 

“The officers are losing their minds,” the rapper said. “It’s the same guard for 24 hours. They’re sweating bullets, not getting meal breaks. I start feeling bad for them after a while.”

We spoke with two officers who requested to remain anonymous in fear of losing their jobs. The DOC requires that officers sign a contract agreeing to not complain about their working conditions on any social media platform. The officers both have more than five years on the job confirmed  Ferguson’s claim of seeing the same officer for 24-hours. This is referred to as an illegal triple. 

Because of the short staff, officers have been subjected to violent assaults by inmates. “They punched this officer in the face, beat him up til’ he was unconscious, body-slammed him on the bedpost which caused his head to split open, and then hog-tied him with a sheet,” said the correction officers. “We don’t even have teams for them to suit up and come save us anymore,” they added. On August 16 several hundred correction officers assembled near the Rikers Island Bridge to demand the city to address their long list of concerns. Both officers were present. 

In addition to witnessing multiple suicide attempts, Ferguson shared he had not received any fresh air since arriving at Rikers in late July. To make matters worse, during the intake process, he said he and other inmates were not provided with showers and barely received any food and water. “There was more than 30 of us, no shower, barely ate,” he added. “We were subjected to Mace because of other people fighting. No water.”

Ferguson’s 2014 track “Milly Rock” has been played more than 25 million times on Spotify and viewed on YouTube more than 20 million times.

Watch video below.


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