During one of MoneyBagg Yo’s recent concerts, the rapper interacted with his fans in the front row when one woman got a little too close for comfort. As he was hyping up the front-row attendees, a woman took the opportunity to completely bury her face into the rapper’s crotch, seemingly getting a good sniff at what’s down there before Bagg entertained the other side of the crowd. Understandably, a video of the interaction has gone viral on multiple social media blogs.

Despite MoneyBagg Yo seeming unbothered over the very forward move by his female fan as he performed “Wockesha,” his girlfriend Ari Fletcher appears to have found the entire thing humorous. In case she caught wind of the viral video, Bagg made sure to let his lover know that she’s the only one for him.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Taking to Twitter, he wrote, “U A Bad Bitch And U Loyal @AriTheDon I Love u 4L Gangsta.” 

Ari responded, saying, “I love you more baby.”

Fans have been commenting on the video of MoneyBagg being groped at his show, with some saying that the woman is lucky the rapper didn’t “Kevin Gates” her. Infamously, Kevin Gates kicked a woman at his show after she grabbed at his shorts. Gates ended up going to jail for battery. So maybe it’s best that Bagg did nothing and kept on performing.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

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