North Carolina artist Morray has been on a meteoric rise throughout 2020 and 2021. The 28-year-old singer-rapper has become a favorite not only among Hip Hop fans but his peers, as well, and he returns on Friday (August 20) with a new track where he shares the stage with his “dream collab,” Mo3.

Back in November 2020, Mo3 was shot and killed after being chased down on a highway in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. As a case builds against the 21-year-old suspect, Mo3’s loved ones continue his legacy with a memorable single alongside Morray titled “In My Blood.”

Recently, Morray was captured visiting Mo3’s gravesite with the slain rapper’s son and clips of that trip made their way to the song’s music video. Along with “In My Blood” comes a visual where Morray honors his collaborator and at the end, he even gives his rendition of the late rapper’s Sam Cooke-sampled “Long Time Coming” in tribute. Stream “In My Blood” and listen to these two make magic.

Quotable Lyrics

This why I still be in my feelings (Why?)
Maybe ’cause the b*tch that I’m lovin’ be actin’ different (How?)
Don’t respect the fact that I’m workin’ on what we buildin’ (What?)
And I ain’t forgot the pain I’m just workin’ on my forgiveness

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