Each and every year that the MTV Video Music Awards comes around, viewers can’t help but spend days reflecting on the iconic celebrity moments and pop culture history that they’ve witnessed.

According to TMZ, some parents had the exact opposite reaction to this year’s show. In fact, what they saw on their screens actually led several people to launch complaints with the FCC.

Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

The moment that seems to have triggered people the most is Normani and Teyana Taylor’s performance of “Wild Side,” which saw the two stars paying an epic homage to Janet Jackson.

Apparently, a Kansas resident thought that seeing a woman spread her legs while wearing a leotard was massively inappropriate. In her letter, she also aired her grievances with the two girls pretending to make out and performing lap dances.

“This programming was on at 9pm, our children were with us watching TV. We had to make them leave the room during this porno ceremony,” the viewer wrote to the FCC.

Another letter, this one from Tennessee, expressed outrage over having seen Normani “move upward until she was able to stick her crotch directly in [Teyana’s] face and on the girls lips exhibiting oral sex.”

TMZ also reports that “Like A Virgin” singer Madonna received complaints from someone in Illinois who said she appeared to be intoxicated and didn’t approve of her “sexually explicit clothing.”

Last but not least on the list of stars who got the attention of the Karen’s at the VMAs is Lil Nas X. A person in St. Louis has requested a “$1 million declaratory ruling” on their behalf because he’s upset about the 22-year-old “rooting for his gay agenda” after his performance.

From the sounds of things, the FCC has become accustomed to receiving complaints about things like this, but it’s doubtful that MTV will clean up their act to appease a few haters.

You can watch Normani and Teyana Taylor’s “problematic” VMAs performance for yourself below.


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