Mobile, Alabama has been a hot spot in hip-hop in recent years. Though it’s a rather unsuspecting location for stars to be born, there are some incredibly talented rappers and singers from Mobile, AL who’ve been introduced to us over the years. OMB Peezy, specifically, has been among those putting on for the city. In recent times, he’s been sharing a steady stream of singles, though many of them are solely available on his YouTube channel. This week, he debuted his new single, “Breathe” ft. Mapy as a live performance video. Backed by violinists, the rapper sits next to his muse as he details the pain and hardships he’s faced over the years, and bouncing back from any loss he’s taken.

Check the record out below.

Quotable Lyrics
Ride with something big
Knock a n***a shit off, I’m still a big dawg
Make one call, get a n***a picked off
Brians on the sidewalk 

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