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Packers See Franchise Tagging Davante Adams As An “Eventuality”: Report

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The Packers reportedly intend to use their franchise tag on star wide receiver Davante Adams if long-term contract talks fall through. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport says that the move is viewed as an “eventuality” for the team.

Tagging Adams would run the Packers approximately $20 million next year and they’re already expected to be $37.6 million over the 2022 cap without factoring in the All-Pro.

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In addition to Adams being at the end of his contract, legendary Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers could also be looking for a new home this offseason as he has a potential opt-out coming up. Adams has said that Rodgers’ decision plays a massive role in his own.

“I mean, I’m sure. … Naturally. Why wouldn’t it? I’m playing with the best quarterback to play the game,” Adams told reporters Wednesday. “There’s nothing other than having a connection that I built up with my guy, and playing a certain way, so there’s that expectation, there’s that friendship built up in it.”

He added: “There’s a lot that goes into it, so obviously to a certain extent it won’t be the end-all, be-all, but it’ll definitely be something I’m monitoring and paying attention to, to see where his head is at after all of this.”


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