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Pat Gallo Details The Making Of DMX’s Unreleased Gospel Album

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A new report from Rolling Stone takes a deep dive into the making of DMX’s unreleased 2008 Gospel albumWalk With Me Now and You’ll Fly With Me Later, and reveals several previously unknown anecdotes about the album’s backstory.

The outlet spoke with X’s producer, Pat Gallo, and found that most of the gospel songs were recorded in a single night in 2008. Gallo says X smoked crack in a restroom and returned to tell him to play a beat. He then quickly wrote a song and recorded it in one attempt. From there, X returned to the restroom and kicked off the process again. By the end of the night, he had seven gospel songs recorded.

Chris McKay / Getty Images

Gallo says that one day, X asked him to take of video of him while he was high to see how he looked.

“I wasn’t comfortable doing that,” Gallo told the outlet. “I think he saw how I looked at him in that state. It wasn’t him anymore. It was this scared person.”

Gallo and X lived under “constant police surveillance” at the time.

“We couldn’t leave the house without getting pulled over,” Gallo recalled.

The current state of the unreleased gospel songs remains unclear. There is an ongoing dispute between X’s estate and Howard Mann over who owns the rights to the songs.


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