Paul Pierce is one of those former players who always finds himself at the center of controversy, or even worse, NBA Twitter vitriol. Most of the time, Pierce can be found hating on a plethora of current players, all while bigging himself up as the greatest of all time at his position. These hot takes always get him in trouble on social media, especially as they pertain to LeBron James.

Pierce absolutely despises the Los Angeles Lakers superstar and he makes sure to let people know. Whenever Pierce has the opportunity to question LeBron’s legacy, he takes it and as you can imagine, this typically doesn’t play out well amongst NBA fans. 

Paul Pierce

Jason McCawley/Getty Images

Recently, Pierce came out and said that LeBron needs to win a title this year, otherwise, he won’t be considered a top-five player of all time. Pierce believes the Lakers are way too stacked right now and that if they can’t get it done, it will reflect poorly on James, who is sitting at four NBA titles.

These comments were not taken lightly by fans as Pierce was immediately lit up on Twitter for the LeBron slander. As many fans pointed out, Pierce only has one title to his name, and at this point, he just seems like a jealous hater. There were also tweets about how LeBron largely dominated the Celtics over the years, which is probably why Pierce is so pressed.

Needless to say, Pierce is not a popular man these days, especially when it comes to his thoughts and feelings on LeBron.

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