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Playboi Carti Houston Concert Cancelled After Rioting Fans Storm Through Security Gates

By October 25, 2021No Comments

Playboi Carti fans are some of the most dedicated in all of hip-hop.

Much like NBA YoungBoy’s sometimes-maniacal fanbase, Carti fans live and die with everything the Whole Lotta Red rapper says or does. From flooding the responses of Carti’s cryptic Twitter account to fighting at what seems like every Carti appearance, his fans, aka The Vamps, are intense and do everything in their power to embody the rage of their fearless leader. 

Recently, as Carti has toured the United States on his Narcissist tour, fans have been going crazier and crazier. Whether it’s to maybe, just maybe, get a shred of attention from the “Rockstar Made” is up for debate, but after a vicious fight that left a Michael Jordan-jersey clad fan leaking blood from his face, Carti fans turned it up to 11 last night in Houston. 

Before things got all-the-way out of hand, a video of one fan breaking curfew while wearing a GPS ankle monitor went viral, and set the stage for what ultimately became an ugly scene. 

Standing in the rain for hours, Carti’s H-Town fanbase allegedly became restless started “pushing over metal detectors, throwing down barricades, and trying to force their way inside,” before eventually busting down security gates and storming the arena. However, despite their attempt to strongarm Carti into starting the concert, the show was cancelled, leaving fans even more irate than they were before. 

The Vamps continued to rage after the show’s cancellation, and Houston PD surrounded the scene. It was reported that one Carti fan punched a police horse during the melee. 

NRG Park released a statement, explaining that, “Last night in the interest of public safety and on the advice from the Houston Police Department, the Playboi Carti concert scheduled for NRG Arena was canceled. The safety of all guests, staff, and artists is our highest priority.”

While storming through security gates into the arena certainly embodies the rage-filled Whole Lotta Red, it clearly was the wrong way to protest the Die Lit rapper’s lateness. It’s yet to be seen if any further legal issues will result from this seemingly-insane situation, but keep it locked to HNHH for any further updates. 


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