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Playboi Carti Seemingly Calls His Fanbase A Cult After Rioting Fans Shut Down Houston Concert

By October 25, 2021No Comments

Playboi Carti’s Twitter sometimes reads like its own language.

Between the erratic capitalization, random punctuation and consistent lack of context, the Whole Lotta Red rapper tweets in a way that is uniquely his. Many of his fans have attempted to employ the same style, tweeting a whole lot of plus signs and unnecessary periods, but fail to capture the complete essence of every Playboi Carti tweet. 

Last night, however, it can be assumed we all know what Carti was tweeting about. 

Following footage of a fight at one of Carti’s previous Narcissist tour stops that featured one Michael Jordan jersey-clad fan getting badly beat up in a makeshift mosh pit, Carti was set to perform at Houston’s NRG Park on Saturday night. Unfortunately, he never made it on stage.

Due to Carti’s reported lateness, and fans having to stand in the rain for hours, the Die Lit rapper’s H-Town fanbase became restless and took matters into their own hands. The crowd waiting outside NRG Arena stormed through the security gates and flooded the concert venue. Overwhelming security, fans were surrounded by Houston PD and in a joint effort with the arena, the authorities cancelled the show. 

Carti did not release a legitimate statement on the manner, but did take to Twitter with two words. 

“HARDcore,” he tweeted first, before a second and final follow up. “Cult.”

Naturally, Carti’s responses were flooded with memes and viral videos of what had happened in Houston, including one fan breaking his legal curfew and showing up to the show wearing his GPS ankle monitor. And while the “Rockstar Made” rapper never explicity stated that he believes his fans are a “HARDcore Cult,” it can be assumed that his couple of tweets were in tribute to his most reckless fans. 

What do you think of Carti’s response to his Houston concert being cancelled last minute? Let us know in the comments. 

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