Playboi Carti is one of the biggest artists in hip-hop right now thanks to his steady stream of punk-inspired bangers that have completely captivated the youth. If you were to go on TikTok right now, you would quickly realize that Whole Lotta Red is held in very high esteem, despite the backlash that occurred when it first came out. At this point, Carti is a well-established name in the game and whenever he does something, fans put him under the microscope.

During his Whole Lotta Red rollout, there were various times in which he wiped his Instagram account so that he could start over with new aesthetics. Kanye West recently did the same thing for his upcoming album DONDA, and as you can imagine, this move has sparked a ton of speculation about this upcoming week.

Playboi Carti

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Carti obviously understands just how well this tactic works when it comes to drumming up hype, so it should be no surprise that he has done it again. According to DJ Akademiks, Carti’s entire Instagram has been wiped clean. While the account is still up, he now has no profile picture and no posts. 

On Twitter, fans began to speculate about what this could mean. Some believe Carti is entering a new aesthetic era, while some out there believe the artist could be gearing up to drop a DELUXE version of Whole Lotta Red. Carti said this DELUXE would come sooner rather than later although that promise has pretty well been broken.

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