Polo G is saying goodbye to his close friend B-Money following a fatal shooting in Chicago this weekend. There is presently a lot of speculation as to what happened during the lead-up to B-Money’s shooting, but Polo G has spoken out to eulogize his friend, sending love to his family.

“[heartbroken emojis] My Lil Brotha Man on Gucci I can’t see myself doin this shit w out you broski,” wrote Polo on Instagram. “Ik I’ll neva meet a n***a like u again one of the realest n***as I eva met in my life I always made sure I reminded u of that. you was The heart of the hood yk how to make a whole room smile couldn’t nobody stay mad around you. 

You was the very 1st n***a to eva show me support in this shit when wasn’t nobody stuntin this shìt fr u let me kno I could do it & had my back all the way my 1st shows my 1st videos the shit I 1st recorded u was the 1st to hear it dis shìt stretch all the way to the sandbox doe befo this rap shit We was Just Rockin stages & hoppin off jets broski shìt ain’t posed to b like this yk imma turn up fa u doe fasho I love u broski. just watch Ova me broski I got u man.”

A number of Lil Capolot’s collaborators, including Lil Tjay, Blac Youngsta, Scorey, Shiggy, and more, have shared their condolences in his comments. Join us in sending love and positive energy to Polo G and the family of B-Money.

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