Is Rod Wave being duplicated? On Friday (August 20), the 22-year-old rising artist released the deluxe version of his celebrated project Soul Fly, and a few bars caught the attention of fans. The singer-rapper’s career has been on a steady incline since he formally stepped into the industry back in 2018, and while he is still considered a newcomer by many, Rod Wave believes that labels have been trying to dish out carbon copies of him.

On Soul Fly Deluxe, Rod collides with Kodak Black on their collaboration “Get Ready.” It was there that he made mention of labels seeking out similar-looking and sounding artists that mirror his style.

Thankful for the promoters, I open up on the mics / Now I’m singing for you three months back to back, I sell out every night / Labels used to look past me, now they trying to remake me / Grab a fat nigga out the trenches and replace me / Tryna duplicate me, can’t be / This always been my dream / I always heard this voice in the back of my head sing,” said Rod Wave on his track.

Who he may have been referring to is being debated by fans as they name an artist they believe Rod Wave was clearly speaking about. Check out the track below and let us know if you believe he is being duplicated by the industry.

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