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Royce Da 5’9″ Says Lil Xan Is Hip-Hop’s First “Male Karen”

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Lil Xan was back in the news over the weekend after the 25-year-old rapper accused his former manager, Shady Records affiliate Stat Quo, of providing him with drugs at the height of his addiction. Xan compared his own situation to Lil Peep’s overdose, claiming that Stat Quo would call up his plugs and spend thousands on having drugs shipped to whatever location they were at. Xan said that he’s thinking of filing a lawsuit against his former manager.

In the message, some fans pointed out that Xan fails to take accountability for his addiction. While Stat Quo would certainly be in the wrong for supplying drugs to a struggling addict, Xan also needs to place some blame on himself as he recovers, noting that he is several months sober.

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The hip-hop world is reacting to Xan’s claims, divided in where to stand. Some people are praising the rapper for bravely speaking up about his addiction and holding his former manager accountable for his actions, while others are calling him a “snitch” and telling him that there is nobody to blame but himself. With the extreme difference in how people are responding to Xan’s video, rap veteran Royce Da 5’9″ is calling Xan the first “male Karen” in hip-hop.

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“Ladies and Gentlemen I do believe we’ve just witnessed our first Male Karen moment in HipHop,” said Nickle on Instagram, sharing a picture of the Xanarchy leader.

Do you think Lil Xan is a “male Karen” for telling on his former manager Stat Quo?

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