Calling out all fellow overthinkers on Instagram and TikTok, on Wednesday, August 19th, rapper Russ posted a preview to his newest song, “THINKTOOMUCH”. The Instagram caption read, “Overthinkers where y’all at?? Lol lemme know if you want this.” The independent artists took little to no time to follow up with artwork for the single and merch. He also posted an animated visual to his Instagram that depicts the emo mood of the song well. 


Thus far, the response to the track on social media has been positive. Russ’ fine-tuned vocals ride the simple beat giving space for listeners to pay close attention to the relatable lyrics. This year so far, Russ has blessed his fans with weekly releases which span across musical genres including “Italy,” “Fate,” “Misunderstood,” “Bankrupt,” and “Small Talk.”

Listen to THINKTOOMUCH below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Tryna turn my brain off, wish that I was braindead
“Can’t believe you just said that”, is what my brain said (What my brain said)
After every convo now, I’m tryna fight me
Thinkin’, “Did I do too much, do they like me?” (Do they like me?)
It wasn’t like this when nobody gave a fuck about me
Funny ’cause I’m worried that nobody gives a fuck about me (Fuck about me)

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