St. Louis rapper Ryan Trey has experienced a lot of success in his music career to date, clocking in over 29 million streams for his song “Nowhere To Run” on Spotify. “Mutual Butterflies” also has over 18 million streams on the platform, and a few of his other records have been rising as of late, including his recent release “It’s About A Girl.” One of the most talented voices on the underground, Ryan Trey is seeking to elevate himself and his art to the next level, having recently partnered with Sprite for his debut performance for Live From The Label, taking the stage with Jack Harlow just yesterday, on August 18.

The concert series has been a massive success, with artists CHLOTHEGOD and Summer Valentine opening up for Latto and Saweetie, respectively.

Prior to his big night with Sprite, Ryan Trey spoke with HNHH for a Sprite-sponsored mini-version of On The Come Up, where he opened up about his origin story, his artistic allure, and some of the biggest co-signs he’s received in the last few years.

Most notably, Ryan Trey is backed by none other than LeBron James. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar is a fan of his music, sharing it with his agent Rich Paul and hyping up the young artist’s career. They ended up meeting in person, and Trey will never forget about what ‘Bron told him.

“When it started to feel like a career for me was when I started meeting my idols and getting that verbal co-sign from them,” said the buzzing rapper about his music. “One of the biggest co-signs was LeBron. In 2019, I just ran into him and Rich Paul. They were playing my music some months before. I ended up going to this birthday party with my homeboy and we just ran into him and he gave me this talk, like, ‘Yo, you’re dope, just keep going. Don’t stop. You’re young. Just focus.’ To hear that from people like him that I look up to in sports, and then to hear that from different artists, it just gave me that confidence, like, ‘Okay, these greats are telling me I’m dope.'”

Learn more about Ryan Trey by watching the full episode of On The Come Up above, presented by Sprite, and checking out a few of his essential tracks below. You’ll also want to pick up a bottle of Sprite or Sprite Zero Sugar to catch the final Live From The Label concert, which just debuted last night, August 18, and included Jack Harlow and Ryan Trey.

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