Safaree Samuels must not want people to like him, because he’s portraying himself as a jerk yet again by storming out of his own baby shower on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, causing a scene and allegedly ignoring Erica Mena and his daughter.

The entertainer is being called out for his behavior on last night’s episode of LHHATL, where he was shown storming out of a baby shower that was organized for him and Erica Mena. 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images 

“Here we are at a baby shower my friend threw for us and he’s not even acknowledging me or his daughter,” said Erica Mena in a filmed confessional.

“The energy here, it’s not right,” said Safaree in his own confessional. “I can see and feel and hear all the little knacking and tacking behind my back. So we’re at a disgusting place right now.”

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

After Erica accused Safaree of “disrespecting her emotions” during another confessional, Safaree ended up leaving the baby shower, explaining, “She wanna do all that extra shit for a crowd, so I’m just gonna get out of here before I end up saying some shit that can’t be taken back. I’m out of here, I’m going to the airport, I’m going to Miami. I ain’t trying to be around all this bad energy.”

Erica and their daughter were supposed to join Safaree in Miami, but he asked Erica to cancel their flights.

You’ve got to give Safaree some credit… at least he’s consistent with his antics. What do you think of the below clip?

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