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Saucy Santana Addresses Alleged Sex Tape, Says Video Isn’t Him

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As you may have already heard, Saucy Santana is having a wild New Years Eve following the leak of his alleged sex tape. After footage that shows two men having sex spent a few hours circulating on Twitter with viewers claiming that it’s of Santana, the Perry-born star has taken to social media to share his side of the story.

“So on my right side, right here, real big and ghetto. That’s a dollar sign, and it’s a cheetah print – that’s how old it was. I was a young ghetto girl at 18,” he told followers tuning into the Instagram Live. “I have a tattoo on my right side, right here. Any n*gga that’s ever been in bed with me knows that, and of my friends that’s ever seen me in panties or naked knows that.”

He continued, “so, when you looking at the video, and you see the boy pull out from the back, and you see him shift his camera to the right, don’t say, ‘oh, something, the edits, the angle…’. If the angle was edited, the video would be flipped, it would look weird,” he insisted, vehemently denying that he had any part in the circulating clip.

“You see him hitting the boy from the back, and you see him turn the camera to the right side. This is my left,” the Florida-born recording artist said, holding up a hand. “This is my right. We gon’ turn to my right,” he continued, then smacking his booty cheek for the camera to shut down haters skeptics still stating that the sex tape was his.

The “Material Girl” rapper continued to clear his name, saying, “I know y’all probably would like to have thought that it was Santana, and it probably would’ve been a thing if it was Santana, but it’s not Santana. So I can’t help y’all with that.” In another clip uploaded to The Shade Room, the 28-year-old tells listeners that if it really was him, he’d be trying to make money off of the footage.

Check out the rapper’s full response to the alleged sex tape below, and read more about what Twitter had to say about the scandalous video here.

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