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Savage Reason For Suge Knight’s “Eagle Man” Nickname Revealed

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Suge Knight earned the “Eagle Man” nickname for himself among the Death Row Records camp for allegedly swooping in and stealing people’s wives when he was feuding with them, according to former Death Row signee Danny Boy.

Sitting down for an interview with The Art of Dialogue, Danny Boy spoke about Suge’s habit of stealing people’s wives, revealing how his nickname came to be.

“That was his way of war. I seen it plenty of times. I think it was a basketball player’s wife… If Suge wanted to irritate you, he’s getting at her! I don’t care who it is. You had to watch your girl around him,” said Danny Boy, describing Suge Knight’s attraction to people’s spouses. “I was like a son, but sh*t, I wasn’t leaving my girl around him like that. We called him the Eagle Man sometimes. I remember a bunch of us used to call him the Eagle Man, like a hawk when he’d come down, snatch it up and take it. He felt like just because of his ego or money or whatever it was, if he felt like he could get your girl, that’s what he would be on. If you was into with him and your girl gone, she gone.”

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Danny Boy went on to claim that he recalls Suge swooping in on football player Keyshawn Johnson’s wife to piss him off, but he doesn’t remember if his story is completely accurate.

“[Suge was] running that man crazy. Playing dick wars,” said Danny. “This man trying to f*ck on his girl, f*cking his girl, and Suge had a bag and was running L.A. If I’m not mistaken, that man almost lost his mind messing with that lady. I wish I knew his wife’s name.”

Suge Knight is presently serving a twenty-eight-year prison sentence, so presumably, there’s no more wife snatching for him. Check out Danny Boy talking about Eagle Man below.


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