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Saweetie Seems To Have A “Icy Heart,” PETA Says

By November 24, 2021No Comments

Saweetie is gearing up for the release of Pretty Bitch Music which is expected to drop in 2022. The Bay Area rapper just graced the SNL stage on Saturday, a day after dropping her new single, “Icy Chain.” Saweetie’s poppin’ her sh*t on the record and flexing her wealth and status on her doubters and naysayers. On the single, she takes a slight jab at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA. “Mink on my body like I just went hunting / Tell PETA I’m being 100,” she raps on the record. 

Kate Green/Getty Images

In response, PETA’s planning on sending the Grammy-nominated rapper a jacket made out of faux-fur. PETA senior vice president Lisa Lange explained that the move is in hope of Saweetie making a switch in her wardrobe to completely remove fur and animal skin.

“We’ll be 100, too: It’s a shame that the icy girl seems to have an icy heart,” said Lange in a statement, per ET. “PETA hopes that once Saweetie sees how luxurious faux-fur coats are, she’ll ditch the ones made from animals who valued their lives and were tormented and killed for a look that says, ‘I don’t care how others suffer.'”

The organization doubled down on their statement in a TikTok, including the faux-fur jacket, that they shared on their social media pages. Check it out below. 


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