Atlanta-bred GRIP has unveiled the release date for his debut album under the Shady Records imprint. Officially titled I Died For This?!, the project is set to arrive on August 27, marking his first full-length release with the label and following up on 2019’s Snubnose.

It will be his second release ever via Shady after sharing his “Gutter” single with an appearance from WARA.

GRIP’s signing was announced in July, but it was a process nearly a year in the making, per the Atlanta emcee’s accounts.

“This was like fucking last year, we got approached by Paul Rosenberg,” he told Twenty Infinity in July. “He had heard the music through the homie Mike and was just like, ‘Yo.’ Played it for Em and Em was just like, ‘Yo, who the fuck is this? Let’s see what’s up.’ I talked to him a few times and shit. You know all the legal shit, that takes a long time. It was hard to keep the cat in the bag. I don’t even think I told family members and shit like that. We all knew but it was just like, ‘I’m finna do this,’ then if shit falls through it’s like, ‘Damn n-gga, I thought you was gonna do that.’”

GRIP further explains that while the deal was in the works, he and his team focused on completing the album no matter the outcome.

“Pretty much wrapped the album up and everything came and signed a deal,” he added.

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