It is often said that every person needs that one friend who can set them right before making a grave mistake, and Soulja Boy seems to have that person on his team. The Rap icon has been building his SODMG empire for some time and one mistake can cause him to become a social pariah or stand in the way of his partnerships and deals. Fans often egg on artists in attempts to trap them in compromising situations, and a video circulated showing that an audience member tried testing Soulja’s patience during a live show.

In the clip, Soulja looked as if he was just about to start performing his 2008 hit “Donk” when things got a bit heated in the crowd. Soulja looked like he was ready to throw fists, but he was quickly interrupted.

His team on stage tried telling him to calm down but Soulja was ready to jump in. Then, someone grabbed him by the waist and possibly said a few wise words, hopefully, that quickly changed the rapper’s mind. The look on his face alone was enough to cause the moment to go viral as fans speculated as to what was said.

With a career that has lasted nearly 20 years, Soulja Boy would have a lot to lose. Later, the rapper revealed what was said that kept him from squaring up. Check out the viral clip below.

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