For most of last season, fans weren’t able to attend NFL games due to COVID-19. While some stadiums allowed spectators, these capacities were quite limited which meant that a lot of fans had to miss out on seeing their favorite teams play. Now, however, everything is somewhat back to normal as NFL fans can now attend games as long as they follow all of the COVID protocols.

With more fans in the stadium comes more antics in between the rows. Just last week we reported on a fight at a Rams and Chargers game as numerous supporters got into a bloody brawl. Since that time, teams have been trying to ramp up the security, although it hasn’t meant much as just this weekend, we saw another fight, this time at a Steelers game.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Joe Sargent/Getty Images

In the clip below from TMZ, you can see a situation in which a man was being yelled at by a woman. While he told the woman not to touch him, she decided to slap him anyway, which escalated things further. Eventually, the woman’s male companion jumped in, however, he ended up getting knocked out with a couple of combos that would make Floyd Mayweather blush. This fight eventually went viral on Twitter, and many sided with the man who had been slapped, as it was clear that he truly didn’t want the fight to reach a violent conclusion.

Eventually, the man with the white shirt backed off and moved towards the steps before the video cut off. It was quite the scene, and for now, the woman is being considered the instigator in the situation, rightfully so.


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