Since Max Kellerman’s dismissal from First Take, Stephen A. Smith has had a carousel of co-hosts. Whenever it comes to football and college football, Smith typically shares the screen with none other than Tim Tebow. Back in the day, Smith used to roast Tebow, especially as it pertained to Skip Bayless, who was the biggest Tebow stan on the face of the earth. 

Either way, Smith and Tebow have had some fiery debates thus far, especially as it pertains to the Florida Gators. For instance, prior to last weekend’s game against Alabama, Smith, and Tebow had a friendly wager about what would happen. Smith was confident that the Crimson Tide would win in a blowout, while Tebow felt like it would at least be close.

James Gilbert/Getty Images

In the end, the Gators came within one field goal of winning the game, which put Tebow on the winning end of the bet. Sure, the Gators may have lost, but their efforts were enough to force Smith to eat crow. In order to pay off the debt, Smith had to wear a Gators tie with his suit today, and as you can see in the clip below, he pulled it off pretty well. Tebow was amused by it all, and in the end, it was a good time for all sides involved.

As for the Gators moving forward, Smith is going to have to take them a lot more seriously as the season goes on. Despite this, we should all expect Alabama to be the powerhouse they’ve always proven to be.

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