Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors are off to a great start this season. They defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in their season opener, and last night, they knocked off the Los Angeles Clippers all while Curry put up a whopping 45 points. It was a phenomenal performance all around and despite the absence of Klay Thompson, the Warriors still look like a team that is ready to get back into the playoffs after a disappointing couple of seasons. 

Curry’s performances drew the attention of none other than Stephen A. Smith who took to First Take today with a bit of a hot take on where this team is going. As he explains in the clip below, the Warriors are extremely deep right now and that if Thompson can get back healthy, this Warriors team will have as good of a chance as anyone to win the NBA title.


Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for STARZ

“Steph Curry is the greatest shooter ever created, I don’t care what anybody says,” Smith explained. “When I think about him, and I think about Klay coming back, who is one of the top five shooters in the history of basketball. Then we look at the rest of this crew. […] I’m just looking at this roster right now. The Warriors may win it all.”

From 2015-2019, the Warriors made it to five straight NBA Finals and they ended up winning a total of three titles. With that being said, there is no doubt that this team is skilled and with the core still intact, there is a real possibility that Smith is correct with his assertions here.

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